Octavia Wellness offers personalized service to assist you with your cannabis needs. Whether you’re a cannabis beginner or an experienced user, we’re here to help.

Octavia Wellness consultants are trained professionals, dedicated to providing seniors and those new to cannabis, with the necessary information to empower safe and effective cannabis consumption. Services include education around microdosing, CBD, THC, and the benefits of whole-plant full extract formulas.

In Home Service: For California clients, Wellness Consultants can come to your home and offer an in-depth session of detailed information on medical marijuana, its benefits, uses and appropriate products.

Phone Consultation If you prefer to speak with one of our Certified Medical Consultants on the phone to learn more about Medical Marijuana, Ask Octavia is our service which allows you to connect and schedule an appointment regardless of where you live.

Shop Independently California residents can enjoy shopping independently on our online store, with products delivered to your door.

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