Consultant Rewards

Discounts on Products

As a wellness consultant all of your purchases will be discounted by 20% when you checkout.

Orders you place for clients

Everytime you place an order for a client you earn a 20% commission on that order.

For more information on how to sign up new clients and place orders for them see our getting started guide.

Purchases by people you refer

If you refer someone to our website you will make a 10% commission on every purchase they make on our site. This is a lifetime commission on every purchase they will ever make on our site.

In addition once they make their first purchase you will get additional $10 in store credit.

For more information on how to refer new members see our getting started guide.

Rewards earned by people you refer

If you refer a new member or recruit a Wellness Consult you will receive 5% commission on any earnings or credit they make.

For example: You sign up a new member. She then refers five of her friends as members and receives $50 in store credit through our "Give $10 Get $10" program. You'll then get a $2.5 commission (5% of $50).

Even if some "downline" earnings are received as store credit you can still cash out your commission.


Commissions can be converted to store credit to use towards new purchases or can be paid out via check to you. Contact to convert all or part of your earnings to either store credit or request a check.

Commission is calculated based on the actual price the client pays, after any discounts they might apply. So, for example, if a client orders a $50 product online and applies a $10 coupon to the order, your compensation is calculated using a purchase price of $40. Additionally, you do not earn any commission on taxes or delivery fees. Terms subject to change without notice.

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