Host an Octavia Wellness party and get free gifts!

Invite your friends to a cannabis tasting party right in your own living room. Get discounts, free gifts and $100 in free samples to share with friends.

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*currently only accepting applicants in California


When you host an Octavia Wellness party, you can share deeply discounted cannabis products with your qualified friends and teach them all basics of consuming cannabis, the different types of cannabis, and how to use products.


You and your friends will get access to deeply discounted cannabis products so you can try all the different items we offer.


Shop in our hassle-free online store and have everything discretely shipped overnight to your house. Purchase all your favorite products and invite your friends over for a relaxing and enjoyable experience!

  • As a host you can get...
  • Discounts: Get 25% off all purchases you make at the party.
  • Earn Rewards: You get 10% to 20% earnings on all orders your friends make.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • helpWhat does it mean to host an event?

    At Octavia, we believe that the best way to experience and learn about Cannabis is with friends. We want to help you do just that! With the help of one of our qualified Octavia Allies, invite your friends over for a complimentary tasting and pop-up shop where they can purchase in a comfortable, enjoyable atmosphere.

  • helpWho can host an event?

    All members of the collective, with a verified Doctor’s recommendation for medical cannabis, are eligible to host.

  • helpWill there be samples to try at the party?

    Yes! It wouldn’t be a party without it. After you’ve been assigned a Wellness Consultant they will work with you to develop a list of products that you would like to sample at your event.

  • helpWill all the products be available to purchase at the event?

    All of the samples will be available to purchase at your event, in limited quantities.

  • helpDo I have to purchase the samples for my party?

    Your Wellness Consultant and Octavia will provide the samples free of charge. Awesome right?!!

  • helpCan I have food at the event?

    Of course! Everyone knows that besides friends, cannabis also goes great with food. All hosts will be responsible for providing refreshments at their event.

  • helpHow do I invite people to my event?

    We recommend sending out personal save the dates first. Afterwards you and your Consultant will work together to create a private EventBrite page for you to invite people.

  • helpDo all my guests have to have Doctor’s Recommendations?

    Yes. All guests must have a valid Doctor’s Recommendation for medical cannabis, which they must upload to the {{settings.appdomain}} website and bring to the event. Your guets can get their medical recommendation online, in less than an hour, with our partner Hello MD. Click here to get started.

  • helpHow do I verify my guest’s doctor’s recommendations?

    All guests will need to upload their doctor’s recommendations before the event on our website and also bring the recommendation and photo ID to the actual event. You can remind your guests of this requirement and we’ll do the rest. At the event, your Octavia Wellness Consultant will verify each guest’s recommendation before allowing them to sample or purchase any products.

  • helpWhat if a guest shows up without a Doctor’s Recommendation?

    If the guest has a medical need for cannabis they can get their medical recommendation online in less than an hour with our partner Hello MD. Click here to get started. If they are not able to do so, they should not attend the party. Attendees without a valid recommendation will not be allowed to sample or purchase any products; this is strictly enforced. Because it’s no fun to leave a party, please make sure your guests are aware that participation requires a valid doctor’s recommendation.

  • helpWhat do I get for hosting an event?

    All hosts receive a 25% discount on products purchased at the event or they can donate 15% of all party sales to The Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana. Oh, and free gifts too!

Looking for a more specialized cannabis experience?

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