Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a medical recommendation or card to purchase cannabis products?

    No. As of January 15, 2018 Octavia is open for adult use. A medical recommendation is not required to purchase cannabis products but you must be 21+ with proof of identification to receive your order.

  • Where does Octavia deliver?

    Through our delivery partners we deliver throughout the state of California. Delivery exceptions are college campuses, federal government facilities or property (including military bases or national park land), P.O. boxes or counties that have explicitly banned cannabis deliveries.

  • When will I receive my order?

    Our delivery partners fulfill our orders twice a week. Due to the new regulations, private delivery with a signature may take up to 14 days.

  • Do I need to be present to receive my order?

    Yes. You must be present to receive your package. The delivery driver will ask to see your ID and verify that you are 21 or older. If the driver is unable to verify your age we will refund the product cost but the delivery fee is non-refundable.

  • How much is shipping?

    Our statewide shipping fee is $15, orders over $100 are free shipping.

  • Product Availability

    Due to new regulations affecting legal cannabis in California, some of your favorite products may not be available (or be unavailable for a short time) while that manufacturer gets their licensing in order.

  • Is there a limit to how much product I can purchase?

    Yes, California regulations restrict customers with a medical recommendation to a daily purchase limit of 8 ounces per day, flowers, concentrates or edibles and all other customers to daily purchase limit of 28.5 grams of flower per day and 8 grams of concentrates or edibles

  • Taxes

    Holders of a standard medical recommendation card (MMR) are required to pay all relevant taxes. Holders of a state issued medical card (MMIC) which can only be obtained at your Local County Public Health Department are exempt from the 8.5% sales tax.

  • Returns

    Please email us at and include the product name, when you purchased it, reason for dissatisfaction, and a photo if applicable.