Octavia is now onboarding Wellness Consultants!

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Earn 20% commission on sales.

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Introduce friends to wellness products.

Be your own boss

Share what you love & create healthier lives.

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How it works

Wellness Consultants work with seniors, and the wellness community, providing the safe and legal purchase of cannabis. Wellness Consultants go to our client’s homes or care facilities and provide customized cannabis care.

They are Independent Contractors, responsible for their own sales and marketing, and are compensated via commission.

Once approved as a wellness consultant you can:

  1. Purchase our Consultant Kit which includes training, a business kit and store credit to purchase products.
  2. Get a 25% discount on all products you purchase.
  3. Earn rewards for signing up members and placing orders.
    • Earn 20% of any order you place on behalf of a client.
    • Earn 10% on any other purchases they make.
    • Earn 5% of all earnings by wellness consultants you refer.

The Consultant Kit Includes:

Product Selection:

Store credit to choose whichever products you need to get started.

Or purchase our pre-selected Sampler Kit.

Training & Support:

Training materials teach you how to make product recommendations.

Video chat sessions to help you get started and meet your goals.

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Currently only accepting applicants in California

Are you a CA resident?

Do you have a MMJ recommendation?

Do you have experience working in the Cannabis industry?

If yes, please indicate your experience:

Are you a current or retired care provider, holistic practitioner or medical practitioner?

Do you have sales experience?

I am interested in working with this demographic (choose as many as interested):

*Identifying these populations will require a phone interview to begin the on-boarding process.

Consultant Stories:

“I was looking for a way to get involved in the cannabis industry, and Octavia has proven to be a great way to expand my network and grow with the industry.”

—Karen, Mill Valley

“I’m getting such a positive reaction from those I’m finally coming out to. It’s great to be sharing a product that can help so many people, in so many different ways.”

—Lauren, Walnut Creek

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